Advertise? Yes, of course!

Pretty straight-forward…if you have an advertising budget and your business is not reprehensible, chances are you have an opportunity to promote yourself on HR Hardball™. It’s really insane not to when you consider the expendable income most of my readers have ~  every day, it’s “John, what can I buy?“, nag, nag, nag, NAG.

I have four price points:

1. The cost for the big boy box (see below) is $150 per month, 3-month minimum* for Home Page “top-right” placement.

2. For the same 300 x 250 ad located on each individual page, $75 per month, 3-month minimum.*

3. For the ribbon ad space, of which there are two (2) positions on the Home page; $50 per month, 3-month minimum.*

organic and gluten-free

(Ribbon) organic and gluten-free

4. Sponsorship for blog post, $500-$2,500, depending on what kind of mood I’m in.

Colorful boxes found here!

(Big Boy Box) Colorful boxes found here!


*3-month minimum is negotiable if you have a timely promotional ad that needs a smaller window.

Figure that part out? Let’s do this!

1. Determine your listing payment option from above.
2. Deliver payment via the “Buy Now” PayPal secured transaction button
3. Respond to confirmation email (from me) with art work and/or code for ad selection.
4. When the transaction is complete, links back to your website will be live within 3-5 business days.
5. Note: I can remove your listing from our site at any time for any reason. Should you be removed before your campaign is completed, I will refund your remaining balance.


What kind of exposure am I getting? Fair question:

“HR Hardball” has gained considerable momentum in its own right in the last six months…subscribers are nearing 2,000, Klout score is now at 60 with a bullet, and the site is cross-promoted on the popular “Fistful of Talent” blog collective ~ that’s roughly another 15,000 subscribers. Also, HRH is in the Top 1% of viewed profiles on LinkedIn, and hosts a discussion group for HR Professionals, now topping 2,000 members.

So, when determining my price structure, I placed myself somewhere between Google and your brother’s sci-fi blog; I know he’s on the rise, but I’m still more relevant to people with with paychecks.

Very reasonable, yes?

Ad Types