Recruiters – Serving Two Masters (or more)

Not to get all Biblical on you, but the good book does say “No one can serve two masters.” (Matt 6:24) It actually says a whole lot of things, but for now let’s just focus our attention here. Now, ol’ [...]

Ball 4 – Lauren DiChiacchio

Every couple of weeks, I thought it might be nice to dig a little deeper into the mindset of one of our HR colleagues. This month, it’s recruiting maven Lauren DiChiacchio. 1. So, you’re going to give advice to 22-year old [...]

Scarily Accurate Prediction


Unemployed and Ignored

I wrote about this in a previous post…“The Stink of Unemployment” specifically refers to the proclivity of recruiters to utilize “employment status” as an unspoken job requirement. In other words, if you’re not currently employed, you won’t be considered for [...]

America Has Talent (but I’m not sure where)

“Talent” is a subjective term – reference American Idol, The Voice, et al if you need proof of that. As hard as it may be to define what “talent” might be for your particular organization, but for all of its [...]

Discrimination, or Logical?

My friend Lisa posted a great article on the HR Hardball™ discussion thread; Arthur Delaney of the Huffington Post writes that the unemployed population faces an unspoken bias bordering on discrimination in the job market. The basis of the article [...]