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3 Things Glassdoor Taught Me

About a year ago, I started to manage our corporate Glassdoor account. Seemed like the perfect responsibility for me to assume; I lead our Talent Acquisition department, I love to write, and my 17 years as a married man has [...]

Protection vs. Projection

It may be scary to think about it this way, but you, my friend, have a reputation. You are continually building or validating that reputation, and you are being helped along in that endeavor by people all around you, often when you [...]

I See Dead People

Occasionally, I do weird things. Ask anybody. One such thing is communicating with the dear departed. Let me explain. It was just over a year ago that my Uncle Danny left this mortal coil. Imagine John Lennon with multiple advanced [...]

I Endorse Endorsements

I read another article today bagging on LinkedIn “endorsements.” Hard not to see the logic in the argument, especially when you see various skills being endorsed by people with whom you are not close. As Ms. Siegel points out, the [...]

No Introduction Needed….LinkedIn Recognizes

I had to use the title, “No Introduction Needed…,” if only to re-capture the one funny bit Seth MacFarlane pulled off in last night’s Oscars performance. You probably already know this, but recently I was notified by LinkedIn that my [...]

Do NOT Retweet This!

Are you a Twitter guru? If so, please disregard this particular post. No, this post is for the rest of us….Twitter neophytes, still finding our way in the morass of information that inundates our timeline on a daily basis. There’s [...]