Friendly, But Not Friends

You know that side-job you have as the informal HR Advisor for any/all of your friends? It can be enlightening at times, even uplifting, when you hear some of the ridiculous sh*t people are forced to put up with in [...]

Don’t Out-kick Your Coverage

Believe it or not, this post was not necessarily motivated by the fact we are knee-deep into the greatness that is football season. Timing is right, however, for this particular message. Be careful you don’t out-kick your coverage. Or at [...]

(H)Road (H)Rage

I can be a hopelessly frustrated and irritable sort. Nowhere is that more apparent than when I’m behind the wheel. I’m not a road-rager, per se (don’t quote me), but I do consider myself one of the handful of people [...]

3 Dangers of Being Nice

You can’t help it, deep down you’re a good person. You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it – people like you. Be careful. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of situations where “nice” is completely warranted. But [...]

Man Overboard

The strongest swimmers are the first to abandon a sinking ship. As leaders, we are still humans first. Among other things, that means we are prone to the same emotional response as our employees when unexpected change lands squarely upon [...]

Thinking Never Helped Anyone

Okay, that’s not entirely true, I’m sure there are a few examples of thinking that actually worked out very well for people. But, for the sake of this piece, humor me. One of my great joys in life is coaching Little League [...]

Ball 4 – Karla Robertson

Every couple of weeks, I thought it might be nice to dig a little deeper into the mindset of one of our HR Hardball™ colleagues. Put on your thinking cap as this brave journalist ventures into the realm of the [...]

Could You Fire Johnny Football?

For Texas A&M, it had been much too long residing outside of the football elite. Making matters worse, in 2012, A&M prepared to enter the SouthEastern Conference, home of the big boys. Aggie-haters rubbed their hands waiting to witness the [...]

3 Leadership Lessons from Iron Man 3

*****Spoilers contained within, proceed at your own risk*****   As a kid, I was a comic book freak. Batman, Daredevil, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, the Flash (what the hell ever happened to the Flash????), Aquaman, Captain America, and, of course, Iron Man. [...]

The Opposite of “Yahoo!”

Perhaps they will change the name of the company to “Damn!?” Earlier this week Marissa Mayer, the relatively new CEO of Yahoo!, made the very controversial move of banning Flexible Work Arrangements. If not for a Papal search and Sequestration, [...]