You Know You’re a Manager When….

I can count many blessings. Among those is the fact that not only do I have a great boss, I have two fantastic managers reporting to me. When you have strong people supporting your efforts, you can sometimes take for [...]

(Leave) Behind The Music

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the (somewhat overused) metaphor “rock star,” usually bandied about when someone is trying to quickly summize an unbelievable talent. An interesting metaphor, to be sure, considering the history of behavior by actual rock stars, [...]

HR, Who’s Your Data?

Hide the women and children, “Big Data” is coming. Big Freaking Data; a lot of it, from a lot of places, all coming at a rapid pace. Internal and external information sharing the same spreadsheet, looking backwards is now looking [...]

In the Cold

In our offices, there’s a very regal reception area. The front desk is often unmanned, but a “mahogany row” of offices stretches out behind the desk area, and a large, glass-enclosed conference room punctuates the scene. We like it, our [...]

Field Trip!

My youngest, along with 20 of his classmates, is on his way to the Museum today for a Field Trip. He’s been so excited for this day to come, the anticipation has been fun to watch ~ and why not [...]

Dream a (very) Little Dream

I’m currently witnessing a very interesting example of the adult mind-set. My colleague, Dr. Price Pritchett, is delivering the 4th installment in a series of talks regarding “You2” (as in “You Squared”, not a cleverly disguised manifesto from Bono). The [...]