“Equal” Is a Stretch

Guest post by our self-proclaimed “Compensation Geek” Meghann Bedell, hermetically sealed to guarantee freshness. “Equal means equal,” she said. “The truth of it is the older an actress gets, the less money she makes. It’s inexcusable that we talk about [...]

Status Check

***Another guest post from Meghann Bedell, our Gen Y Compensation Geek*** Did you think that you finally made it when you got your first salaried position? That’s how I felt too before I became “exempt,” too. I quickly realized that [...]

Millennials and Retirement? Comp Corner…

Time for another post from our little Compensation Geek, Meghann Bedell: Are you ready for your retirement, Millennial buddy? Yes, I know you’re 20-something years old, but bear with me – 401(k), 403(b), Ira Roth, IRA do you know the [...]

Portion Control

Say hello to our new Compensation Contributor, Meghann Helman Bedell…self-admitted compensation geek and keeper of the flame at GenYHR. This is it…the one time each year when we suck it up and ask for more money. It seems reasonable; you [...]