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Scattershooting…on Bosses Day

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Chris Rock… Here, on the most awkward of “celebrated” office days, it seems appropriate to share my own reflections about becoming a “boss.” Being put in a people-manager position, like a lot of things, [...]

SourceCon in Dallas? Bring Cab Fare…

Well howdy folks, and welcome to Dallas ~ now get your Smartphones out and download the Uber app. On behalf of the Metroplex (I’ll get to that in a minute), please bring your consumer dollar and spend liberally. If you’re [...]

Trump – It’s No Longer a Gimmick

Note – Originally posted on LinkedIn, 8/10/15, but it keeps getting better. Highlighted any updates to this circus. It was June 16th when The Hairpiece announced in his Presidential candidacy speech that “The Mexican government is forcing their most unwanted [...]

Ah Cecil, We Hardly Knew Ye….

Cecil the Lion is dead, and the world mourns. And as if we needed another reason to hate dentists, Dr. Walter Palmer, DDS, is the killer of the aforementioned Cecil. The result? People have collectively lost their freaking minds. You [...]

Cupid is Stupid

It’s the 4th Annual reposting of what was an instant classic. Four years ago my first born (now 13) blessed us with a poem that I vowed to re-visit on an annual basis. Compliments of Jack, my little boy genius [...]

Welcome to Ferguson

“Let’s burn this bitch down.” – Louis Head, step-father to Michael Brown & Ferguson, Missouri citizen. I’d say that’s a strong-to-quite-strong statement made by Mr. Head. At first blush, like many people, I was appalled and a little bit frightened when I [...]

Do We Get What We Deserve?

#Election2014. Thank God that’s over. Howdy Texans, we have a new Governor! For those of you who care, Greg Abbott won the gubernatorial vote over Wendy Davis in a bit of a landslide. I’m thrilled. Not necessarily by Mr. Abbott’s [...]

Ebola? None For Me, Thanks

“If you want to know what’s inside something, just squeeze.” – Whitaker wisdom, date unknown. Grow up in Texas and you’ll pick up any number of colloquialisms, parables, metaphors, and the like…sometimes, you even invent them. This one is a family favorite, passed [...]

NFL, “Not Feeling Lucky”

Ray Rice, meet the Bonfire of the Vanities. Challenged by public outrage and “new” video footage, NFL leadership reversed an earlier decision for a 2-game suspension, and instead they just knocked his ass to the elevator floor. TMZ, easily the king [...]

Sterling Reminds Us Again – You Can’t Ignore Stupid People

“When you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas.” – Benjamin Franklin Welcome, NBA Owners, to the flea circus. On your watch, you allowed the consistent bad behavior of a peer to continue relatively unopposed. The only real surprise of the [...]