The Devil We Know

I’m not a social scientist, but I play one on TV. Especially interesting to me are experiments that highlight the human decision-making process. For instance…. “The Ellsberg Paradox” (Daniel Ellsberg) is a little glimpse into the human decision-making process, and [...]

Communication – Corporate Bedside Manner

“Tell me the truth, Doc… how long do I have?” Have you ever been under the knife? Consider your state of mind when you feel especially vulnerable. Not only are you subjected to physical exposure via hospital gown ass-flap, your mental state reminds you [...]

Sackett and the D-List

Tim Sackett, whom I have nicknamed the”Michigan Me,” with some insight into the life of a “D-List” Public Speaker. Just got through another fall conference season and I think I’m starting to pick up a few things and understand the [...]

If This Is a Marriage, Where’s The Cake?

“Merger of equals” is a nice phrase….brings to mind harmony, togetherness, compatibility, and a common concern for the well-being of one another. It’s also, for the most part, a total fabrication. If you’ve been through a merger, you already realize [...]

Button it!

Never miss a good opportunity to shut up.” – Judge Roy Bean If you don’t know Michael Keaton’s fine performance as Billy Blazowski, do yourself a favor: stop reading, watch Night Shift, and then we can talk. Specifically, look for a scene where [...]

Watch Your Ass – Aesop Paraphrased

Fridays posts always have a different tone – hopefully the “ass” didn’t scare you off.A man and his son were walking the family donkey to market when they heard an onlooker chastise them, “Fools, why walk when you have an [...]

Motivation vs. Innovation

I had an interesting and important epiphany while preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement.In our last conversation, the client mentioned the term “motivational speaker” when discussing the gig – this phrasing gave me an immediate shudder, as it brings to mind [...]

The Costanza Principle of Communication

“Jerry remember; It’s not a lie if you believe it.” – George Costanza (Jason Alexander) Why do we do it? Half-truths, soft-sells, euphemisms, white lies, and whoppers. Some do it more than others; some are more comfortable doing it than others, but we are all guilty of [...]

Little League & The Small Things….

Fridays are great days for humanizing the ol’ blog post. Appropriately qualified, I still won’t bore you with a hokey message about the lessons I learn in Little League each and every season & how they apply to life in [...]

Lost in Your Translation

Words mean something. We are forever reminded of this, whether it be a tersely interpreted email, an emotional outburst at your child, or any number of recorded gaffes that become internet memes for the ages. The advent of social media [...]