Change Management

Kicking The Ant Pile

I think most of us would admit that being a control freak is a frustrating (and ultimately losing) proposition. At work, our ability to “control” things is usually more dependent upon the company cruising on auto-pilot, business as usual, allowing [...]

5 Lessons My House Taught Me About Change Management

This…..is our house. This is the view from what used to be the kitchen, looking out towards what used to be our family room, behind which you can see what was once our patio. All of it in demoliton mode. [...]

A Declaration of Your Independence

Hey Hardballers, this article introduces a special series (and a special person) featuring a revolutionary employee engagement concept called Engaged ProductivityTM. Check out my friend Pam Teagarden at her company website, Authentum.com ~ throughout July, expect additional guest appearances by Pam [...]

Don’t Make It A Habit

Had another great life lesson smack me in the face (the best kind) just this week. I need to beware (and be aware) of my habits. Allow me to illustrate – I don’t travel an inordinate amount for business,  maybe [...]

Freak Out!

I realized something this weekend. I’m becoming a freak. I’m not totally there yet, but with some concerted effort, full-blown freakdom is just around the corner. And it’s awesome. Any of you familiar with the Freakonomics series by Steven Levitt and Stephen [...]

If It Moves, Hit It…

There is nothing quite so humbling as uncertainty. I was reminded of this recently while having a conversation with a friend. His current job responsibilities continue to change, to the point of putting him in a totally unfamiliar role where [...]

Keep Your Promises

  “Trophies are rarely awarded during practice.” – John Whitaker This is not a drill, HR. The game is on. Your company is being acquired, and you are needed (even if not asked) to make the transition a success. Time [...]


Imagine future generations examining our lifestyles and wondering why we take so many pictures of ourselves. You know why, right? We love us. We are beautiful, unique, and people desire to see our face (or other redeeming quality) as much [...]

Let’s Talk About Me…

Self-preservation is a powerful instinct. In the back of our minds, we’re always counting the seats available on the lifeboat. It’s a primal reaction you’ll witness whenever an acquisition is announced. The scrambling begins, and it’s downright embarrassing at times… but it’s [...]

Play Your Hand