The Pretender, Part II

New leaders

The Pretender, Part 1

If you get things that you desire, there may be unforeseen and unpleasant consequences. Another way to say that, “Be careful what you wish for,” but Google reminded me that’s also the name of a cheesy Nick Jonas flick (redundant, I [...]

The Candidate Cocktail

Next week (June 10-12, Denver) I am honored to deliver a keynote at the HCI event for “Strategic Talent Acquisition.” The title for my presentation? “The Candidate Cocktail, How Sweet It Is.” I’ve got a theory, and it’s a pretty [...]

I love this place! Wait…I got screwed!

Women, Hear Me Roar!

Human Resources provides one of the handful of opportunities for a man to work in a corporate profession dominated by women. As such, I’ve had the opportunity to work with (and for) a multitude of women over my 20 years [...]