Feb 7th, 2017 Human Resources

I can count many blessings. Among those is the fact that not only do I have a great boss, I have two fantastic managers reporting to me. When you have strong people supporting your efforts, you can sometimes take for […]

Oct 16th, 2015 Human Resources

“Killing a Housefly with a Hand Grenade” is the fifth in a 10-part series outlining the concepts included in “The Physics of HR; Mastering the Laws of Motion,” the Whitaker joint set to publish in mid-2016. As discussed in the […]

Jun 16th, 2015 Human Resources

Besides the distinction of being a kick-ass jam, the Rolling Stones classic tune “Sympathy for the Devil” offers an interesting discussion on the duplicity of human nature. We’re a funny bunch of monkeys, my fellow HR professionals… as “good” as […]

May 5th, 2015 Human Resources

You know what’s a difficult thing to do? Leaving a good job is a difficult thing to do. When you’re fortunate enough to work for an employer that treats you fairly, offers competitive compensation, and provides job security, that’s usually […]


Jun 27th, 2016 career

  • Welcome? 3 (More) Challenges For the FNG - Aim Blog

    […] in June, I wrote a p
  • Welcome? 3 (More) Challenges For the FNG - Fistful of TalentFistful of Talent

    […] in June, I wrote a p

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    Jan 9th, 2018 No Comments

    “So, [candidate-person], how much do you currently make?”  How is it that something so obviously inappropriate to ask in any social or professional setting is one of the boilerplate questions asked of every job candidate? “What do you currently make?” […]

    Oct 23rd, 2017 No Comments

    Imagine Leading a Talent Acquisition Team with an Average of 250 Open Positions per Month  

    Oct 9th, 2017 No Comments

    “Passive recruiting” has been a buzzword in the Talent Acquisition world for as long as I’ve been in the industry. Not only is it described as the gold standard of a “strategic” Recruiting team, but “passive recruiting” started appearing as a […]

    Sep 29th, 2017 No Comments

    About a year ago, I started to manage our corporate Glassdoor account. Seemed like the perfect responsibility for me to assume; I lead our Talent Acquisition department, I love to write, and my 17 years as a married man has […]

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    Oct 18th, 2016 Current Events

    Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Chris Rock… Here, on the most awkward of “celebrated” office days, it seems appropriate to share my own reflections about becoming a “boss.” Being put in a people-manager position, like a lot of things, […]

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